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NausicaMedia was born in 2001. Like Mac OS X. NausicaMedia's first site wished to express what an adventure the birth of a new Mac Os X specialized consultants company was.

NausicaMedia was founded in 2001, and like the adventurous birth of Mac OS X, our first website was designed to express the adventure of the birth of a new Mac OS X specialized consultancy company. NausicaMedia has become a thriving business demonstrating an expertise and service acknowledged by many, regarding Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server and Internet. We offer nothing but “savoir-faire”, this know-how consisting from our beginning of an exclusive concern with the dreams and hopes introduced by Mac OS X.NausicaMedia’s new website aims at being more practical and technical, without being boring. The weblog will allow us to let off steam, and you can join us here with your messages carrying interesting observations. With this new site, we want to begin a new era coinciding with Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server maturity. We also wanted it to be innovative. We’re adapting to XHTML and cascading stylesheets as are all the websites developed by NausicaMedia. If one thing must retain universality, it must be the Internet. Web Standards guarantee this universality.All things come to those who wait. The new NausicaMedia website is open. Wide open !


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